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Embroidery 101

by Tim Marusich August 14, 2017

This Embroidery Guide is to help educate you, our valued customer, in selecting one of our many beautiful personalized embroidery options to enhance your order. All of our embroidery is done in-house, giving each order a added personal touch.

STEP 1: CHOOSE YOUR FONTWe offer both script embroidery and block embroidery. See more details and images below

STEP 2: SELECT COLORYou can select from 16 colors.

STEP 3: ENTER YOUR TEXTEnter the text you would like embroidered. The Font Style will indicate how many characters you have available. Here are the details:

Single - Choose a single letter to reference a first name, last name or a family name. Select from these options: Block, Diana, Brush, Rose, Dots, Wreath, Gotta Have, Diamond, Crown, Fun Time, Single Circle.


Initials - Initials reference someones first, middle and last name, (ex. DMJ, for David Michael Jones). two letters can also be used to reference a first and last name such as DJ, or a couples first initials, Amanda & David (AD). Select from these options: Block, Seal, Diana, Brush, Boxed.


Monogram - Monogram is when three letters are used. The middle letter is larger than the first and third letter. The larger middle letter represents the person or couples last name. Example would be David Michael Jones (DJM),or David & Andrea Jones, (DJA). Select from these options: Diana, Seal, Block, Brush


Name or Phrase - A name references a person's first name, last name, nickname or phrase. There is a 10 letter limit. Select from these options: Diana, Brush, Block, Athletic Block, Fun Time & Gotta Have.


STEP 4: ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONSIf you have any special instructions for our staff please include it here



How much does embroidery cost?
The cost of embroidery is $9.95 per item.

How long does it take to get my products embroidered?
Personalized robes usually ship in 1-2 business days after placing an order.

How many numbers or letters can I order?
You may select up to 15 characters.

What colors and fonts can I choose from?
The available colors and fonts are displayed on the product.

Can I return my personalized items?
Sorry, personalized orders cannot be returned.

Tim Marusich
Tim Marusich

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